5 Key Reasons Your Parents May Benefit from a Retirement Community

active seniors that are retired having fun at the beachWhen your parents reach a certain age and you’re uncomfortable having them live by themselves, you might consider moving them to a retirement community. It’s not a nursing home, but a place where they can keep their independence, but also have the support they need to have a full life.

There is nothing scarier than discovering a parent has fallen in their home and spent hours without help because there was no one there to check on them. What many seniors don’t realize is retirement living provides a fuller and richer life because of their commitment to the people in their care.

Here are some of the reasons why people love retirement communities.

1. Parents Develop Friendships with New People

One of the most difficult parts of growing older is losing the friends they’ve had for decades. Either they have passed or traveling has become too difficult for them. Seniors end up spending hours alone in their home with no one to talk to.

A retirement community has opportunities for your loved ones to make friends. It’s a community of people and may have the same interests and needs are your parents. They’ll make new friends and look forward to seeing them every day.

2. Getting Out into the Community

When people get older, they find it difficult to get out on their own. They end up being dependent on friends and relatives to go to doctor appointments, etc. They also have little opportunity for social occasions.

A retirement community often has transportation available to take seniors to social trips into town or to visit shops. It’s part of their rental fees along with other amenities.

They can go to doctor’s appointments and get groceries if they need it. It provides them independence from others and improves their self-esteem.

3. Indulge Their Volunteerism

For many seniors, volunteering is an important part of their lives. They grew up with service organizations and clubs that helped people in their community. Retirement communities want to continue to foster that belief and provide numerous opportunities for seniors to volunteer.

They can join gardening clubs to beautify the community or help out at local food shelters. Depending on the area, there could be countless opportunities to volunteer their time and knowledge from educating people to read to reading to people who have visual impairments.

4. Independence with Supplemental Care

Many seniors worry about their independence when moving to a retirement community. They still want to cook and clean like they always have done. Retirement communities are not about taking away that independence, but give them an opportunity to make it easier.

If one day they want to cook, that’s wonderful. If one day they don’t feel like it, they can have their meal made for them. If cleaning becomes too much of a burden, we can do it for them.

It’s all about opportunities and giving them the care they need, and the independence they crave.

5. Freedom and Security

Many relatives fear their elderly loved ones can be taken advantage of by criminals or injured in a home invasion. Retirement communities have many security features from security cameras to keycard entry systems that keep your loved ones safe without sacrificing their freedom.

They’re protected within the facility, but can go anywhere and do anything.

Give a Retirement Community a Chance

Your parents have lived a long and wonderful life. They’ve taken care of you in the good times and the bad. Now that they’re reached their golden years, you can provide them with an opportunity to have freedom and camaraderie in a safe environment.

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