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  • Active Senior enjoying a good night of sleep

Sleep Apnea and Senior Health

Sleep Apnea and Senior Health If you snore, you might think the biggest problem it creates is disturbing your partner’s sleep. Actually, it could be a sign of a much more serious issue. [...]

  • Security at Cambridge Village Retirement Community

Safety Features at Cambridge

Safety Features at Cambridge In any retirement community, security should be a high priority. At Cambridge, this doesn’t just mean having a security guard on duty somewhere on site; it also includes security [...]

  • looking for ways to enjoy your retirement?

Tips for Thriving During Retirement

Tips for Thriving During Retirement You’re retiring? Congratulations! You have the opportunity to make the next phase of your life absolutely amazing. When you’re planning for retiring, just keep a few important things [...]

  • senior woman watering her plants

Enrichment & Lifestyle Programs at Cambridge

Enrichment & Lifestyle Programs at Cambridge In modern culture, people often view the older years as a time of diminishing interest in connection, social interaction, and activity. At Cambridge Village, we believe that [...]

  • Seniors enjoying a nutritious meal

Common Myths About Senior Nutrition

Common Myths About Senior Nutrition As people age, their nutritional needs shift. What seniors eat can significantly impact their physical and mental health, yet many myths persist about senior diets and nutrition. Let’s [...]

  • Cambridge Village salon and spa

Self-Care at Cambridge Salon & Spa

Self-Care at Cambridge Salon & Spa The benefits of taking care of yourself are well documented but sometimes, self-care activities are hard to work into our schedules. We get [...]

  • Man sitting in chair on his phone

Touchtown Technology

Touchtown Technology How do you feel about today’s technology? Love it or hate it, you have to admit, high-tech has a major impact on our lives. But what if [...]

  • Wilmington sky line

Location Attractions around Wilmington

Location Attractions around Wilmington, NC If there’s any more charming seaside town than Wilmington, NC, we’re not sure where that would be. It’s hard to imagine any place with [...]

  • Older couple picking out produce

Location Attractions around Apex

Location Attractions around Apex, NC If you’re interested in all that North Carolina’s Triangle area has to offer, but don’t find the bustle of a city appealing, you’ll find [...]

  • Raleigh sky view

Location Attractions around Raleigh

Location Attractions around Raleigh, NC We’re excited to announce a new Cambridge Village community opening! The Cambridge at Brier Creek is slated to open in 2022, perfectly situated between [...]

  • woman getting her hair rinsed

Indoor & Outdoor Amenities

Indoor & Outdoor Amenities At Cambridge Village, we believe that every day is a good day for Optimal Living®. That’s why we strive to offer a retirement [...]

  • group of elders playing card game

Optimal Living® Components

Optimal Living® Components When we say Optimal Living®, what do we mean? Optimal is more than just an average, normal life and into something unique. In fact, [...]

  • Outdoor Brier Creek courtyard shot

Optimal Living Brier Creek

Optimal Living® - The Cambridge at Brier Creek If you’ve been looking into retirement communities in North Carolina, you’re probably already aware of the Cambridge Village family of active [...]

  • Exterior shot of Cambridge Village location

Finding the Optimal Location

Finding the Optimal Location If you’re looking for an active senior community, look for one that offers Optimal Living®! That’s Cambridge Village, a vibrant community that delivers more than [...]

  • Optimal Lifestyle

Living your Optimal Lifestyle

Living Your Optimal Lifestyle What is Optimal Living®? It’s living life to the fullest, going beyond normal expectations of retirement, something truly special and unique. At Cambridge, we bring [...]

  • Optimal Living

What is Optimal Living®

What is Optimal Living® Are you ready to experience Optimal Living®? Optimal goes beyond normal life into something truly special and unique. Normal life is what we settle for, [...]

  • Covid Updates

Cambridge COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates In partnership with our on-site Primary Care provider, Cambridge Village was able to secure COVID-19 vaccines for all residents and staff. Nearly 100% of our residents chose [...]