The Benefits of Aging and Being Retired

We all age, but too few of us look forward to it with positivity. One reason to feel great about getting older is all the benefits of retirement, especially when you’re living in a vibrant senior living community. Let’s look at all the finer points of life after work.

The benefits of aging and being retired

  • You Set Your Schedule – With no work schedule set for you, you have little use for alarm clocks. You can sleep in whenever you like or get up before dawn. And of course, you can stay up late too if you’re a night owl.
  • No Commute – In retirement there is no need to fight traffic every day. And there’s no more fretting about bus delays, crowded commuter trains, bad drivers, dangerous road conditions or unpredictable fuel costs.
  • No Dress Code – Whether you live in a retirement community or not, you won’t have the dress code that many workers must conform to. Want to wear a t-shirt, cowboy hat, blue jeans, and Crocs all day? Not a problem! Maybe you’ll discover your signature style.
  • Be Spontaneous! – With no work hours or workdays, and no need to submit scheduled time off request forms, you can live your life with freedom. Do you see an activity in the newspaper that piques your interest? Make it happen. Who’s stopping you?
  • Commune with Nature – Being retired doesn’t mean staying indoors. Most retirement communities have opportunities to enjoy nature, either on the grounds or at nearby sites. Your concierge will know which hiking trails are right for you, and where the great views are of waterfalls, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and streams, etc. You’re free to pursue birdwatching, canoeing, gardening, biking, fishing, or just driving through the mountains to enjoy the changing leaves.
  • Pursue Your Passions – Did you always have creative interests, but work got in the way? Now you have the time to take classes to hone your skills – music, painting, woodworking, pottery, writing, you name it! Most retirement communities have a variety of classes available for you either on site or at convenient locations. And don’t forget sports. Many retirees enjoy spending their days at the golf range, or at tennis or badminton courts, heated indoor swimming pools, or maybe picking up fewer familiar activities such as bocce / lawn bowling, horseshoes, cornhole, shuffleboard or other games and activities. And if you’re feeling worn out from all that activity, retirement is the perfect time to read every book or watch every movie you never had time for.

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