How Can Seniors ImproveTheir Quality of Life?

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For many people, the transition from living in their own home to a retirement community can be jarring. It marks a major milestone in life, but not necessarily a bad one. Here at Cambridge Village Optimal Living, our hybrid senior community model and lifestyle programs make this transition enjoyable. But for a lot of senior citizens, it can be difficult to process such a significant life change. If you are looking for any way to improve the quality of your parents’ or loved ones’ lives, please read on… we will be going over some tips on how to make sure that your loved one’s golden years are truly amazing. If you are interested in touring one of our active senior retirement communities just give us a call here at Cambridge Village Optimal Living.

Improving the Lives of Seniors

There are many ways to keep the seniors in your life happy and active and to make sure they are living their best lives.

  1. Keep Them Involved – It’s always important to keep your family elders involved in family matters. If you have children, make sure your parents are involved in their rearing even if it’s just for a visit. Involve them in family decisions and go to them for parenting and relationship advice. You will likely find that they have a lot more insight to give than you expected.
  2. Keep the Brain Active – For senior citizens, it is crucial that they keep their brain active. Read a book, take up a new hobby, learn something new, or simply do a crossword puzzle. Learning and mastering an instrument is another great way to keep the mind sharp.
  3. Stay Social – The last thing you want to do as a senior citizen is to isolate yourself. This can lead to feelings of depression. As much as possible, stay social and try to make new friends and connections.
  4. Exercise – Exercise benefits the brain and body as well as promotes feelings of high self-esteem. You don’t have to run marathons or lift heavy weights. It’s more important to find a sustainable form of exercise that fits your physical limitations.
  5. Mentorship Programs – There are many programs that connect seniors with people who could benefit from their wisdom, experience and companionship. These programs are excellent not only for helping the community; but also for maintaining that all-important sense of purpose for seniors.

Hybrid approach to Senior Living

The senior living hybrid concept that we employ here at Cambridge Village focuses on allowing seniors to maintain their independence and helping them make rich social connections with people in the same stage of life. Our hybrid concept communities feature amenities that take care of the essentials and more….   a genuine Thrive-in Place concept, an exceptional lifestyle with evolving wellness, concierge healthcare and engaging experiences. Our unique Optimal Living lifestyle and hybrid approach to healthcare await you.    Take a tour of our communities today!