Self-Care at Cambridge Salon & Spa

The benefits of taking care of yourself are well documented but sometimes, self-care activities are hard to work into our schedules. We get so caught up in the business of our daily lives or caring for loved ones, that we neglect seeking salon services. Why is it important to pencil in ourselves into our schedules? Let us look at some benefits of self-care for active adults.Cambridge Village salon and spa

  • Being pampered is relaxing. One of the biggest salon and spa benefits, beyond improving your look, is stress relief. When you go to a salon, you get to take a break from the mundane and just focus on yourself. When you look good, you feel good!
  • If you don’t need a haircut, schedule a manicure or pedicure. You can even do both at once! There’s nothing quite like having someone massage your hands and feet, and when you leave the salon, your hands and feet will be fresh, soft, and well-tended to. Don’t care for having your nails done? At Cambridge, we offer hand and foot massages on their own, too.
  • Incorporate different parts of the body into your self-care routine. Different things relax different people. That is why salons and spas offer so many different services! You might just want to go in for a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, or you might want your eyebrows waxed or tweezed. Whether you’re just in the mood for a facial or you need special styling for an event you’re attending, you can simply walk down to the salon to get exactly what you need.
  • Going to a spa can also be a place for free talk therapy. When you’re getting your hair cut, colored, or permed, you have plenty of time in the chair, where your stylist will act as an informal counselor, letting you vent or just talk about whatever happens to be on your mind. If you would rather not socialize, that’s ok too. The client sets the bar for more or less talking, and if you just want to quietly sit and enjoy being pampered, your stylist will make that happen.

At Cambridge, our inviting Salon & Spa offers the optimal day of indulgence. Our team of caring, skilled stylists, cosmetologists, massage therapists, and estheticians use only the best techniques and product lines to make sure your experience is perfectly tailored to your needs each time you visit one of our Cambridge Salon & Spa locations. It is all part of the Optimal Living® experience enjoyed by residents of each Cambridge Village location.

Why settle for normal when you can have optimal? At each Cambridge Village location, you can experience all the reasons that we are considered North Carolina’s premier Optimal Living® community for active adults. We offer an exceptional lifestyle, with evolving wellness, concierge healthcare, and engaged experiences, for a retirement experience that exceeds your expectations. Contact us through our website to learn more.