Hybrid Healthcare Model – Aging in Place

As the Baby Boomers reach their golden years, more and more seniors are deciding to age in place. Aging in place simply means choosing to remain at home instead of moving to a senior living facility. Older adults who age in place retain a level of autonomy and independence, living in a familiar home, in a neighborhood they know. It’s a financially reasonable decision compared to a skilled nursing facility, but is it the best decision for you or your loved one? There are many factors to consider, but we think the best solution is the hybrid community aging in place model offered by Cambridge Village.

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How do you know if aging in place right for you?

Aging in place works well for people who are prepared, have safe and accessible home, and have a good support system in place. If you’re proactive and independent, you like to make your own decisions and live life on your own terms, and you’re comfortable finding services that would otherwise be provided by a senior living facility, you might prefer aging in place.

What indicates that you shouldn’t age in place?

It’s difficult to be in a stage where you want to be independent but are impeded by physical, emotional, or cognitive difficulties. Poor health doesn’t preclude aging in place, but certain factors can decrease your chances for success. If you don’t have a caregiving family member nearby, don’t have a strong support system of friends and neighbors, or are uncomfortable having strangers in the house, aging in place may not be for you. Similarly, if your home needs extensive updates to be accessible, you have no room for an overnight caregiver, or you can’t drive, it might not be the right choice.

Why is the Cambridge Village hybrid model a better option?

At Cambridge, we offer luxurious apartment homes in beautiful communities designed for optimal living. Our goal is to see our residents happy, healthy, and living independently as long as possible. Our hybrid community model allows you access to on-site primary care, physical therapy, home care services, rehabilitation services, and skilled nursing, so that you can age in place in a community that provides ample support. Your level of support depends on your needs, and as a resident of Cambridge Village you’ll be empowered and engaged in your own care program so that you can be both safe and independent.

Hybrid Healthcare

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