Independent Living Is Evolving…

Are You Ready For The Journey?

Life is defined by its turning points
Independent Living Is Evolving…

Life is defined by its turning points. It’s at those times that we have the chance to ask, “what’s next?” and to imagine the very best life can be. Retirement is one of these moments. It’s the time to reflect on times past and to consider all the good times ahead of you!

There’s so much to consider in creating your best retirement life, but how do you create an Optimal life?

What is Optimal Living®?

Optimal Living® at Cambridge Village is an exceptional lifestyle devoted to evolving wellness, concierge care & engaging experiences.

Create Your Best Life.

Optimal living® begins with a thoughtful, well-planned community where every person can discover and create his or her own best version of life. Cambridge communities are those places.

In our resort-style environments, residents experience more than what they have come to expect from life in retirement years because they have the flexibility and resources to design every detail.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Have you been proactive about your wellness?

2. Do you eat on the go more often than you take the time to savor your meals?

3. Are your friends a list of contacts in your phone or members of a real, vibrant community?

4. Do you make the time to exercise?

5. Is your home comfortable and representative of your personality?

If your answers don’t paint the picture of the life you envision for your retirement years, it’s time to pursue more than the promise. Whether it’s enjoying a group fitness class, dining at one of the chef-driven restaurants, enjoying a walk with friends, or passing a new wellness milestone, each day is an opportunity to delight in a positive, healthy life.

In our communities, every person is welcome and cared for, wherever they are in the aging process. With sophisticated healthcare programs and a mindset focused on longevity, Cambridge Village is a place where people feel their youngest and best.

Optimal Health =

Optimal Living =

Comprehensive Wellness


With our hybrid community model, residents have access to on-site Primary Care, therapy services, and home healthcare. We partner with in-house healthcare providers to create true age in place communities.

Cambridge Fitness

As a Cambridge resident, you’ll enjoy full access to our state-of-the-art fitness center and wellness programs. Whether in Wilmington, Apex, or Raleigh, our Cambridge Fitness facilities feature a wide range of amenities, including heated swimming pools, strength training, and cardio.