What is Optimal Living®

Are you ready to experience Optimal Living®? Optimal goes beyond normal life into something truly special and unique. Normal life is what we settle for, where we choose to stop and stay. Optimal Living® challenges the notion that normal is good enough. So, what is Optimal Living®? We define Optimal Living® at Cambridge as an exceptional lifestyle with evolving wellness, concierge healthcare and engaged experiences. Created by a team of dedicated professionals, Optimal Living® is our investment to enhance your future.

At Cambridge Village, we do senior living a little differently than what you may have seen before. Each of our active senior community is designed to make aging in place more than what people expect from their retirement years. This is luxury retirement living at its finest, with an underlying spirit of youthfulness and total

Optimal Livingwellness that belies age. The experience is individual to each unique member of our community, but Optimal Living® is at the heart of our thoughtful, well-planned resort-style retirement communities in North Carolina, where every person can discover and create his or her own best version of life.

The benefits of living in active retirement communities are well-documented. A sense of community is important to physical and mental health.  Being a part of an active senior community can meet many crucial needs, especially as people age. Living in an active retirement community, seniors are able to relax in resort-style comfort, taking a step back from responsibilities and enjoying community activities and events with friends and family. Restaurant quality meals are prepared for them, and they are free to enjoy amenities like the spa, swimming pools, and gyms without ever leaving their neighborhood. Free from the burdens of home ownership, they live in a safe environment where they’re free to cultivate friendships and develop meaningful relationships. This is important, because research indicates that socially active seniors have a reduced risk of developing dementia or other chronic health issues. At active retirement communities, participation in classes, clubs, and other activities help seniors connect with like-minded people.

At Cambridge Village, Optimal Living® provides – and delivers – more than what people expect from life in retirement years. What can you expect from life at our active senior community?

  • Dine at a full-service restaurant, café or pub.
  • Access to an exercise program complete with an exercise physiologist and personal trainers and daily group exercise classes at Cambridge Fitness.
  • Get a spa treatment at our full-service salon and spa.
  • Primary care services available onsite from labs to physicals or X-rays.
  • A social calendar with a wide variety of activities and events including live music, dance parties, social events, outings, and more.
  • Access to the everyday luxuries and exquisite details that make this a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Peace of mind you have the support you need to age in place. That is priceless.

Why settle for normal when you can have optimal? At Cambridge, you can experience North Carolina’s premier Optimal Living® community for active seniors. For a retirement experience that exceeds your expectations, we offer an exceptional lifestyle, with evolving wellness, concierge care, and engaged experiences.   Each of our unique locations offers something a little bit different, but all designed to help you live your life to the fullest.  Contact us to learn more about Optimal Living® at Cambridge or Schedule a Tour.