Tips for Talking with Aging Parents About Being Active

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Transitions can be very difficult for anyone but for seniors, accepting that they need help with everyday activities is difficult and emotional!  For their children, it’s hard to understand such a position since they have never experienced it themselves. This can often create a rift when it comes time to consider a senior community or retirement community.   Here at Cambridge Village Senior Living, we want to provide the resources necessary to get through these challenging conversations with your loved one.   Read on as we outline some tips for adult children to talk to their aging parents about staying active and positive and empowering them with solutions that allow them to make sound decisions.

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Having a Difficult Conversation

Staying active is key to maintaining a healthy body and keeping the brain sharp as it ages. It can help stave off depression and cognitive decline and improve self-esteem for the senior members of our communities. But having to nudge your parents to stay active can be very difficult – especially if they are set in their ways. Here are some helpful tips on how to broach the subject and have an understanding conversation.

  • Avoid Commands – Steering the conversation towards encouraging activity can be difficult. Avoid making demands. Instead, ask questions about their daily routine and voice your concerns that they may not be as active as they could be.
  • Let Them Make Decisions – Try presenting options and asking what they think about them. You can think of ways of staying active that would be most effective and present them as options. Ideally, they will make the decision to heed your suggestions.
  • Involve Family Members – If appropriate, involve siblings or other close family members in the conversation. Make sure you have a unified goal for the discussion before it starts. Involve them in every discussion, even if you are directing a comment or question to someone else.
  • Let Them Talk – Don’t interrupt. Let them voice their concerns or troubles. Often, the opportunity to talk about staying active will present itself. Be empathetic, as well. Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who may have health issues, is sad about losing friends or family, or someone who has lost some mobility.

Care When You Need It

When the time comes to talk about a senior living community, remember Cambridge Village Senior Living. We offer an Optimal Living lifestyle in all-inclusive communities, a hybrid approach to healthcare, education, outings, activities, chef inspired dining services and the opportunity to forge strong social bonds all under one roof.   With our unique hybrid approach, residents have access to on-site Primary Care, Therapy, Home Healthcare, Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing.

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