Safety Features at Cambridge

In any retirement community, security should be a high priority. At Cambridge, this doesn’t just mean having a security guard on duty somewhere on site; it also includes security inside each apartment, accessibility, and much more. How else would we provide Optimal Living® for our residents? Part of the exceptional lifestyle at each Cambridge Village location is that residents can feel safe at all times, no matter where they are in our community.

Security at Cambridge Village Retirement Community

Accessibility is the first step in keeping our residents safe. That’s why all of our apartments have walk-in showers with low thresholds, as well as grab bars in the bathrooms. If a resident feels the need for additional grab bars, we’re happy to have them installed. Another bathroom safety feature we provide is a safety alert button in each bathroom. That way, if a resident or guest needs assistance, it’s easy to call for help.

Bathroom guard rails at retirement community

Our residents need to feel safe in their entire apartments, though, and not just the bathroom. That’s why we utilize the Philips CarePoint resident safety system. This is a combination of several connected technologies that can meet the needs of individuals and serve our community as a whole. For example, we give each resident a fall detection pendant to wear on the neck or wrist. These pendants let us know if someone falls, but they also have a button that can be pushed to notify the staff that assistance is needed.

An additional aspect of the CarePoint system is that each apartment features a motion sensor above the front door. This provides security to our residents by detecting any motion in the apartment. Not only does this protect against intruders, but each morning at 10:00, our receptionist pulls a report of our senior community security cameras. If there are any apartments that haven’t had any motion since 5:00 a.m., we call the residents and do a safety check in. Because of these cameras, we can detect a lack of motion when our residents are home, and we can also tell if anyone enters the apartment while the resident is away.

It’s all a part of the way we provide for big picture security while also being attentive to every little detail. We provide 24/7 security, as well as a full-time concierge around the clock. Whether it’s about protecting our residents from harm or making sure there’s guest check in available for friends or family members utilizing a guest suite, our friendly and helpful staff is here to provide an optimal experience.

If you’re looking for a senior community that prioritizes the health and wellness of its residents, come take a tour of a Cambridge Village community. At each Cambridge Village location, you can experience all the reasons that we’re considered North Carolina’s premier Optimal Living® community for active adults. We offer an exceptional lifestyle, with evolving wellness, concierge healthcare, and engaged experience, for a retirement experience that exceeds your expectations. For more information call us at (910) 239-9500, contact us through our website.